Outfit of the Day: It’s fun to be a Nastygal

Title catch your eye? Let me explain. I’ve often visited Nastygal, the fantastic online shop, lusting over pretty much EVERYTHING in their inventory, imagining countless outfit ideas but never taking the plunge to actually order something.  Then, one magical day, a ‘sale’ window popped up offering a great top I’d been eyeing for only $19.20!! I just couldn’t pass up this great opportunity and a few days later, my first Nastygal top was in my hands.

Photo by Sarah Mann

I love the shoulder cutouts, studded collar and delicate, cream color of this top.  This is my first shirt with cutouts on the shoulders and I must say – I feel especially edgey today! I decided to tuck the front of the top into a belt to add more shape to this outfit, although as you can see it looks great with or without the belt.

Photo by Sarah Mann

I also wore my shorts from J. Crew (seen here), my favorite sunglasses from Target and my new Steve Madden shoes from yesterday’s post! I can’t put my finger on it, but somehow I feel the shape of the sunglasses contributes to the overall chicness of the outfit.

Photo by Sarah Mann

To add some more interest to this look, I put my hair hair in a half pony and fishtail braided the top section of my hair. (Need to brush up on your fishtail braid technique? Click here!)

Photo by Sarah Mann

Finally, I wore by blue nail polish first seen here, my grandmother’s vintage ring and two ‘love’ rings (similar found here).

Photo by Sarah Mann

That’s all for now! xo

p.s. – As the weather get’s cooler, this top would also look great with a pair of black leggings and leather ankle booties!


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