Outfit of the Day: Fun Finds from Macy’s

It is unanimously agreed upon within my family that I get my small feet and shopping addiction from my grandmother.  Even at the age of 90, my grandma still loves to explore department stores, if only to window shop.  Yesterday I went on a shopping adventure with her and my mom to Macy’s and this is what I found.

Photo by Sarah Mann

I’ll admit that I am partial to Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters, but it turns out Macy’s has some pretty cute finds.  I found this top from Madonna and Lourdes’ collaboration, Material Girl.  The front of the top is cute but the back is what really sold me. I love how it opens up to show just a bit of skin – it’s perfect for the seemingly endless summer months here!

Photo by Sarah Mann

My other purchase from Macy’s is by far my favorite.  Just as our trio was about to call it a day, I spied this brilliant pair of Steve Madden rhinestone loafers on a mannequin.  I couldn’t believe I had missed them when I had combed through the shoe department earlier! Naturally, I zipped back through the store to find (the last pair!) of these super cute, Michael Jackson-ish loafers.

Photo by Sarah Mann

I added my black chino shorts from Target (although I’m dying for these in both colors!) and this Deborah Lippmann nail color to complete the look.

Photo by Sarah Mann

I had such a great time with my mom and grandmother and these purchases were just icing on the cake. Truth be told, I had always just brushed off Macy’s in favor of other stores, but now I will always be excited to see what they have in store!

That’s all for now! xo


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