Outfit of the Day: Chiffon & High Waisted Shorts

I always love getting style inspiration from my favorite magazines.  This morning I picked up my copy of Seventeen (their November issue with One Direction on the cover), and decided to take their fashion recommendations to heart!

In the ‘Fashion’ section of the mag, page 38 to be exact, the article suggests petite girls like me try wearing a flow-y chiffon top with short shorts and wedges.  In an instant, an outfit from my closet came to mind!

Photo by Sarah Mann

I love my chiffon top – it has a dressy feel to it and shows off my shape despite the baggy fit. It also gives me a nice pop of color since both my badeau and shorts are black.

Photo by Sarah Mann

My shorts from Urban Outfitters help to give this look some shape thanks to its high waist style (which happens to be very popular right now). Like Seventeen pointed out, wearing short shorts and wedges together makes my legs seem miles long and the shoes make me a few inches taller without feeling like I’m about to fall over.

Photo by Sarah Mann

I kept it simple in the accessories department today, adding my Michael Kors watch for some sparkle and polish.

Top & shoes from Target. Shorts from Urban Outfitters. Watch from Michael Kors (seen in these posts).

That’s all for now! xo



  1. The outfit is adorabe!

    1. Thank you! It sounds weird but I was kinda sad to take it off at the end of the day. One of my new favorites for sure!!

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