Makeup Look of the Day: Urban Decay’s ‘Naked’ Palette

If you must know, I’m not all that crazy about my outfit of the day today. However, I am especially excited about my change in eye makeup.  I usually just wear a thin line of Bobbi Brown gel eye liner in chocolate shimmer ink with a few coats of mascara, but today I was feeling a little more adventurous. In an effort to make my eyes the focus of my look today, I used a few colors from Urban Decay’s Naked eyeshadow palette.

Photo by Sarah Mann

*If you are not familiar with this palette, refer to this picture*

I started with Urban Decay’s eyeshadow primer potion to make the eyeshadow stay in place throughout the day.  I am by no means a makeup expert, but I did my best to create a gradient pattern using a combination of ‘Virgin’, ‘Sin’ and ‘Sidecar’ on my lids to make a light base. Then, I used a combination of ‘Hustle’ and ‘Darkhorse’ on the outer halves of my lids. I swept the dark color from the outside in, using my finger to blend the light and dark colors where they met in the middle. I lined my top and bottom lash line with ‘Creep’, trying to get as close to my eyes and lash line as possible. Finally, I extended the bottom and top lines of ‘Creep’ into a subtle cat-eye shape and swiped a few coats of Maybelline Volum’ Express The Falsies Mascara to finish.

Photo by Sarah Mann

It turned out to be a happy coincidence that my top from Old Navy also had a gradient pattern!

Photo by Sarah Mann

Shorts from Target. Evil eye and rhinestone bracelets from T’s Accessories. Sparkly converse (not pictured) from this post.

That’s all for now! xo



  1. I love Urban Decay’s eye primer and Falsies Mascara! I’ve been dying to try Urban Decay’s Palette; I think I might give it a try now.
    Since you touched on the subject of beauty, what products do you use on your hair? It looks so healthy.

  2. I definitely recommend the ‘Naked’ palette! The colors are so pretty and it gives you many looks to play with.

    Thank you! I use “John Frieda Sheer Blonde Highlight Activating” shampoo and conditioner and occasionally run a dab of Moroccan Oil through my hair while it’s wet. I also hardly ever blow dry my hair, which I think helps to keep it healthy. (When I do blow dry my hair, I let it air dry till it’s about half way dry in order to spend less time under the heat which also helps!)

    Thank you so much for commenting!

  3. No problem. I’ve always been curious of the Moroccan Oil. I’ve heard Coconut is really good. I’ll have to give the Moroccan a try.
    Thank you!

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