Bloggers Do It Better: Oxblood & Studs

I came across a fantastic blog about a year ago called Pretty Shiny Sparkly.  Ever since I read The Secrets to Successful Fashion Blogging Series on her website, I was inspired to create a fashion blog.  Now that I am finally running Sun Devil Style (and loving every minute of it), I decided to be a part of Kristina’s “Bloggers do it Better” series! My first challenge? Bloggers Do Oxblood Better.

Photo by Sarah Mann

It was harder than I thought to find pieces in this true “oxblood” color that has taken the fashion world by storm. The closest I came to finding oxblood ended up being a burgundy/maroon color mixed with purple on these graphic print pants I found at Target yesterday.

Photo by Sarah Mann

I decided to let the pants be the focal point of this outfit, adding little touches of oxblood throughout.

Photo by Sarah Mann

In keeping with the title of this post, I wore this studded collar shirt from Urban Outfitters. Since the top is so sheer, I wore this maroon colored bra, also from Urban Outfitters (in keeping with the oxblood theme).

Photo by Sarah Mann

Once I was inside Target (always dangerous for my wallet) I went a little oxblood-crazy. I also wore these three bracelets, this Essie nail polish and these FABULOUS, sparkly oxfords.

Finally, I added this studded cross body bag from my DIY tutorial!

p.s.- does anyone else think there should be a movement to change ‘oxblood’ to something a little less gory?



  1. great look! The details are so chic!


    1. thank you so much!

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