DIY Tutorial: How to add some Sun Devil sparkle to an average headband

Headbands are great for hiding bad hair days, taming flyaway strands and adding an accent to almost any outfit.  Seen at numerous award shows in the past year, headbands have become a definite sophisticated addition to any fashionista’s wardrobe.  Whether you dress them up or down, it looks like headbands are here to stay.  This do-it-yourself tutorial will show you how to add some serious sparkle to an otherwise humdrum headband.

Photo by Sarah Mann

You will need:

– black headband (you can find them in any drugstore, the one in this tutorial can be found here)

– package of costume jewels (you can find them at any craft store)

– a small handful of Swarovski rhinestones, size SS20 (you can find them here. The color used in this tutorial is called Crystal AB)

– E6000 Craft Adhesive (which you can find here)

Optional Materials:

– Tweezers

– Toothpicks

Photo by Sarah Mann

Begin by using the tweezers or your hand to hold the jewel, apply a small dot of the glue to the back of the stone with a toothpick and gently press it to the bottom left (or right) of the headband.

Photo by Sarah Mann

Continue to glue the gems up the side of the headband, making sure to vary the size, shape and rotation of the stones to create a collage effect.  To ensure the stones look varied, make sure to keep a random pattern and never use the same color too close together.

*Note* Use the Swarovski stones to fill in blank spaces as you go, and take a second look once you have finished in order to add more sparkle to any blank spaces.

Once you have covered the headband entirely, let the glue dry for 24 hours.

Photo by Sarah Mann

There you go! What was once a boring ol’ headband is now a can’t-miss fashion accessory!

p.s. – To add even more sparkle to your wardrobe, head on over to my tutorial on How to Rhinestone an iPhone 4/4s Case


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